High Risk Life Insurance

If you have been turned down for life insurance in the past, or think that you can’t get approved for life insurance, it’s possible that you need to explore your options for a high risk life insurance policy. We are experts in helping people get approved for life insurance.

What is considered high risk life insurance?

There are various levels of what might be considered high risk ranging from a Type I or Type II diabetic, to more severe health conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart disease or neurological issues. There is a wide range of impairments that insurance companies see as riskier than the average healthy person.

It all comes down to how much risk a life insurance company is willing to accept before they offer you a policy. Underwriting is a process that manages that risk. Each company has an underwriting process that is put in place to evaluate every applicant who is applying for life insurance. Although similar in many ways, each company is different in how they may rate you based on the most common underwriting criteria.

Here are the typical areas that companies use to evaluate if an applicant is insurable and the related underwriting health class. Your health, height/weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, tobacco use/alcohol use/drug use, cancer history, heart disease history, diabetes history, hazardous occupations/activities, driving record and family health history.

Finding the best solutions.

Are you concerned that you may have a situation that may be considered a high risk? That is why it’s very important to work with an independent life insurance agent like me. I take the time to ask you specific questions about your health and history. Answering those questions thoroughly and accurately gives me the best chance to find the right company for your situation.

Understand that high risk cases are not an “All” or “Nothing” grouping. This means that your situation may be extremely risky to one company but not as severe as another.

Navigating high risk life insurance coverage can be complicated and requires an expert who has experience and understands the underwriting guidelines of many insurance companies. For most people, trying to navigate underwriting guidelines from over 60 companies can be quite difficult.

Make sure you work with an agent or agency that can find the companies that will give you the best chance at coverage at the best rate.

Graham Tate specializes in high risk life insurance and can help you narrow down your options for what type of policy you may be able to get approved for and at what price.

To explore this further, call me at 480-656-8881 or email at graham@grahamtate.com.