Life Insurance for Smoking/Chewing Tobacco

Do you smoke cigars, e-cigarettes, pipe or chew tobacco? If so, Graham Tate Insurance will provide you with huge savings when you purchase your policy with me. Whereas most insurance companies would charge you tobacco rates, there are a select few that could qualify you for a Standard Plus non-tobacco rating class.

Here is an actual case study of somebody who smokes cigars on a regular basis:

A 50-year old male in good health wanting a 20-year term (price guaranteed for 20 years) with $500,000 of coverage purchased a policy with Northwestern Mutual and was approved at Preferred Tobacco rates at a cost of $296 a month.

I was able to get this same person the exact same policy at Standard Plus non-tobacco rates with Cincinnati Life at a cost of $129 a month.

If you smoke cigars, e-cigarettes, a pipe or chew tobacco and want to avoid watching your money go up in smoke, please call Graham Tate at 480-656-8881 or email at